Why Publish with aSys Publishing?

General Overview

aSys Publishing is owned and run by Nicola Mackin FRAS, who has more than 25 years of experience in advanced Information Technology and computing.

There are a number of companies offering publication services. Some of them offer their services at very low prices and at the other end of the scale, others offer their services at very high prices. We at aSys Publishing keep our prices to a minimum, but our pricing structures reflect the amount of work needed to do a professional publication.

The very low priced companies often include services such as proofreading and advanced marketing as part of their standard service. Proofreading involves a person carefully reading the book line by line, looking for errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar, as well as ambiguities in meaning. This takes time so there has to be a minimum cost to this service. As with proofreading, marketing is a highly specialised service which takes time and money.

Simple economics dictates that the companies offering publication services cheaply can not spend sufficient time typesetting and publishing your book, let alone provide accurate proofreading and advanced marketing services.

The low priced companies claiming to offer proofreading as standard most likely will not be proofreading your manuscript. Instead, they will likely be looking for errors flagged by word processors such as Microsoft Word. As a matter of course, aSys Publishing offers this service with all our publishing packages, but as it is not proofreading, we do not advertise it as such. Any issues that are detected during the initial examination and typesetting process are sent to the author as possible changes for approval or rejection..

Paperback and Hardback Books



To format an eBook correctly requires much more than the use of word processor software. To format an eBook for any eReader involves an intimate understanding of the software technology behind the reader device before all of the many features of the device can be available in the final eBook.

aSys Publishing has this knowledge and formats eBooks correctly for reading on the Kindle and other devices. It is easy to format an eBook badly but it is difficult to format it correctly. A badly formatted eBook is likely to generate negative reviews, however good the book itself might be and thus, adversely affect sales. aSys Publishing optimises the formatting for the eReader as a matter of course.

  • Without going into many technical details, we specifically write the XHTML and the CSS behind the eBook to format and optimise the readability and functionality of all our eBooks.

  • Unlike some publishing companies we do not simply publish your word processor document as this does not generate an optimal, fully functional eBook.

eBook file size and Delivery Costs

When a buyer purchases your eBook, it is delivered electronically to their Kindle over the internet.

What is often overlooked by authors is that Amazon make a charge for the delivery. This charge amounts to about 15 pence per MB. The delivery charge is deducted from any royalty that will accrue from the sale.

If the eBook is generated using a word processor, the file will almost certainly be significantly larger than it needs to be, resulting in larger delivery charges, and lower royalties.

aSys Publishing constructs your eBook by writing the underlying code. While doing this we optimise all aspects of your eBook thus ensuring that your eBook’s delivery charge is as small as possible. We can do this because we know exactly how the file should be constructed; not only to produce an eBook with the full functionality of the eBook reader, but also as small as possible, to minimise delivery charges.


aSys Publishing offers an affordable, in-house proofreading service that involves a person carefully reading your manuscript line by line looking for errors and ambiguities. This process does not include editing or restructuring the written word. For the author who wishes to employ the services of a dedicated proofreading or editing company, aSys Publishing can arrange this for a small administration fee. Such external services are quite expensive, and typically cost something in the region of £10 per 1,000 words.

Most authors don't choose more than the standard service, or the in-house proofreading service. In any event, no proofreading service, in house or external, can guarantee that all errors or issues will be found. At all times, the author is in control and makes the final decision on any proposed corrections.


Apart from the fact that aSys Publishing will format and publish your e-book or paperback correctly and professionally, cutting no corners and making the absolute best of your material, the bottom line is what do our customers say? We present below a selection of testimonials from some of our authors.

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